Sunday, May 20, 2012

On Safari with my friends from Dreams4Africa

So I have finally decided that my first blog post is in order and as a rookie blogger (first timer) I find this quite exciting. Finally I can share with my friends and others all over, what its like to travel around South Africa and also share places I have visited in the past. Life is short and we should all enjoy the journey. I look forward to sharing ...

My first blog starts with my Safari adventure with my friends Mark and Angela Collins, owners of Dreams 4 Africa, visit . We have started our journey at their base and home in Marloth Park on the boarder of the Kruger park. I have been staying at Maqueda Lodge which is a luxurious lodge that feels like a home away from home amidst the scerene beauty and wilds of nature in the Southern Kruger Park. This morning I woke to the sounds of a lion roaring in the distance and then was greeted by a large family of banded mongoose whilst sipping on the finest of freshly ground filtered coffee under the trees.

Banded Mongoose
banded mongoose (Mungos mungo) is a mongoose commonly found in the central and eastern parts of Africa. It lives in savannas, open forests and grasslands and feeds primarily on beetles and millipedes. Mongooses use various types of dens for shelter including termite mounds. While most mongoose species live solitary lives, the banded mongoose live in colonies with a complex social structure.

Mark and Angela Collins from Dreams4Africa
Dreams 4 Africa is owner run by Mark and Angela Collins – born and raised in South Africa and married for 30 years – we love Africa and the adventure it offers.
We are also sailors and have sailed for many years. We built and sailed ocean going yachts. Our desire to experience more of Africa was the starting point of our company; we are both fgasa qualified nature guides and are able to share our experiences with others; and share our expertise and knowledge of the places we have traveled and experience of nature and relationships we have made - so that your expectation is exceeded by the experience.We are keen photographers. Traveling so often and to so many wonderful places; we decided to publish our own books; so we have been able to combine our passions of Africa and photography by starting our own publishing business. Every year we publish a book on Safari Lodges & Safaris in Africa available to all travel operators – also available at select book stores.

We like traveling and exploring and experiencing new destinations – so each year we try to spend as much time possible travelling to bring you new and exciting safaris We are happiest when we can travel lonely wilderness areas on our own in our fully equipped Land Rover. I would say we are passionate about what we do and are more passionate to share with people the experience of a true safari – what a safari was like in the early 1900’s to really connect with nature, learn more and be absorbed by it; leaving the experience absolutely changed forever.
I think one of the most important aspects of Africa is its people. Africa is so diverse in its cultures and peoples who are so hospitable we truly love Africa.
Our real passion is a clean non polluted environment and only recommend and work with lodges that are working as an eco friendly enviriment. I think our commitment to people and concerns of this world comes for our love of God. We are only passing through this world and need to leave it the way God created it.
DREAMS4AFRICA – committed to building relationships.
Adventure begins with

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