Monday, May 21, 2012

Day 3 at Maqueda Lodge, Marloth Park

Another beautiful South African Morning, slightly cooler than yesterday and certainly awesome for walking and bumping into a few creatures and critters along the way. Its been amazing waking up in the morning at Maqueda Lodge and walking out onto the deck,enjoying being nestled amongst the trees watching mongoose and Guinea fowl play and pass through, with the melodies of birds and animal sounds all around,... a rather luxurious way to experience the wilds of the South African bush

Maqueda Lodge evening Here is a daytime bush view of the very beautiful and certainly cultured and elegant Maqueda Lodge. In the evening its like being in a magical kingdom surrounded by the sounds of the bush and all the stunning lights that illuminate the trees and lodges in greens and yellows... Creative elegance in every aspect

Tonight, we have a fantastic dinner to look forward too, cooked by the very talented Etienne who has creative food flare with a fusion of decadent flavours sending your taste buds to the next dimension.

Gorgeous home style omelet with sweet peppers and tasty spicy Italian sausageWhilst the enchanting culinary aromas drift slowly all around the lodge tantalising our senses, our very talented chef sings beautiful opera and creates an amazing and surreal ambiance that one could only image people would experience on romantic silver screen movies. Certainly a unique experience to add to your travels if your ever privileged enough to enjoy the hospitality of Maqueda Lodge. I am certainly going to share some photos of tonight's culinary creation for all of you to share some of my awesome experiences.

 Here are a few of the creatures I have seen along the way whilst walking or driving through Marloth Park by the Kruger Park -

Male Kudu (has big horns)

My plans for today start in Komatipoort, Mpumalanga with my friends Mark and Angela Collins from Dreams4Africa.

 Komatipoort lies at the point at which the Komati and Crocodile rivers meet on the western slopes of the Lebombo Mountains, which form a natural barrier between South Africa and Mozambique. Marketed as “more than just a stopover“, Komatipoort is essentially a quaint, border post town just three kilometres from the Lebombo border post into Mozambique.
For more on Komatipoort

I shall take some pics and document my day for my next post....

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